What keeps landlords up at night?

26th January 2022

What keeps landlords up at night?

1) Tenants failing to pay their rent

In the last 10 years, thanks to our extremely thorough referencing process and superb accounts team Easthams & Co have had just 1 tenant leave in arrears across approximately 8,000 tenancies!!!!

2) Tenants damaging the property

Easthams & Co ensure inspections are carried out at regular intervals the first one 8 weeks after the tenant moves in and then one 12 weeks later if the property is in good order this then reverts to every 6 months if there are issues we give tenants 5 days to rectify them before we re-inspect.

3) Excessive void periods between tenancies

Due to carrying to regular inspections the team at Easthams & Co know that 99% of the time all our properties are ready to re market the minute the tenants give notice. This enables us to get new tenants referenced and lined up to move in within 3 days of the old tenants moving out minimizing voids.

4) High turnover of tenants

At Easthams & Co we are aware that a high turnover of tenants increases not only the ongoing costs to our landlords but also wear and tear. We interview all prospective tenants to assess how long they are likely to remain in the property and avoid tenants that have a history of moving home every 6/12 months

5) Excessive maintenance costs

Unfortunately despite already charging landlords a monthly management fee many unscrupulous Estate/Letting Agents also add an uplift on all repairs carried out, this can be as much as an additional 20%!!! Easthams & Co understand that as managing agents it is our job to get the best price possible for our clients on all repairs and compliance work so what the contractors quote is what they pay.

With Easthams & Co Preston Letting Agents you needn’t worry about overdue rent, property damage or anything else listed above. We are Preston & Lancashire’s most awarded letting agent for a reason, read about our award-winning letting services or book a lettings consultation today.