Tenant FAQs

We’ve put together a list of the most frequent questions we get asked.

How far in advance do we need to reserve a property?

Once you have viewed a property we can hold it for a maximum 4 weeks from the date the initial holding deposit is paid.

How long is the initial fixed term?

Yes. Tenancy agreements always specify the rental term. The average initial period is a 6-month tenancy however this can be 12 months with agreement from the landlords.

What does furnished or unfurnished mean?

‘Furnished’ generally means that the home has furniture but does not have bedding or kitchen equipment such as plates and cutlery. ‘Unfurnished’ means that you need to supply all furniture and kitchen equipment.

Are pets allowed?

Although the British tend to be animal lovers, many landlords are not comfortable with pets. Pets are only allowed if specifically agreed in advance.

Can I hire a cleaner? Can you supply a gardener?

Yes. Please ask for advice and suggestions on arrival.

What about Insurance?

The owner insures the property and its contents, but you should consider arranging insurance for your own possessions. We can provide further information to help you do this.

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What about repairs? For example, what if the central heating breaks down?

The owner is responsible for all internal and external repairs. The tenant only pays if the breakdown or repair is due to negligence or misuse (eg a burn mark on a carpet; smashed wine glasses).

Why don’t you put ‘Average Utility’ costs for each property?

For the simple reason that an ‘average’ cost would by definition mean – with all things being equal – that 50% of tenants would be using more than the average cost and so we would be misleading people.

What about emergencies?

In the majority of cases where we are the managing agents, we are on 24-hour call. For personal emergencies such as Fire or Accident you should dial 999. If you smell gas call 0800 111 999.

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