Due to the recent changes on how people can access their savings in retirement, a new breed of ‘buy to let pensioner’ is already entering the local property market?

A recent Forbes survey reported that buy to let investments had outperformed all other mainstream investments over the past 20 years. Making property an extremely attractive option for pensioners wanting to safeguard their capital and maximise their income in retirement.

As with all major investment decisions it is crucial that anyone considering their first move into buy to let takes expert advice and carries out due diligence prior to starting to invest their pension. Your personal strategy will vary greatly depending on your age, available funds and long term plans. The keys to building a successful property portfolio are buying property at the right price, in the right location at the right time as well as looking forward into the future to establish whether the property will still be attractive to tenants in 10 or 20 years.

With over 30 years experience of the local lettings market Easthams & Co are the leading independent property management and investment company in this area, and are seen as the go to agent for anyone serious about investing in the PR & FY postcodes. With a huge local portfolio of properties under management Easthams & Co often set market trends and can advise landlords on the next ‘hot spots’.

Easthams & Co consistently have strong demand from corporate and professional tenants for high quality, well maintained, rental properties in prime areas and are receiving a growing number of enquiries from pensioners seeking advice and guidance on how to enter into the lettings sector for the first time.

Over a third of Britain’s 1.4 million private landlords already view their buy to let portfolio as the main component within their pension plan – with regular rental returns as income and the start of a new property cycle offering the potential for excellent capital growth its an attractive investment choice
Directors Matt & Ed Eastham offer a free no obligation advice service for individuals looking to invest in buy to let for the first time. Please contact the office on 01772 654624 or 01253 708834 to arrange an appointment.