For the last 28 years Easthams & Co have been at the forefront of the rental market in this area having let and managed over 2,500 local properties during this period. This level of experience gives the team at Easthams & Co unparalleled knowledge of the pitfalls faced by landlords and how best to deal with them. They also have over quarter of a centuries worth of lettings data enabling them to track trends within the local lettings market putting them in a prime position to advise landlords on what and where to buy for the best returns.

“We are regularly contacted by private landlords wanting advice on what type of property to buy and which locations offer the best returns and occupancy rates, with the data and knowledge we have we can accurately advise on the areas that match these criteria and give advice on what price the client should offer on the property and guidance on the budget needed to bring it up to the required standard” said Director Matt Eastham.

With the demand for rental properties at an all-time high becoming a landlord is seen as an attractive option for many people offering strong returns and the potential for capital growth in the future. It should however not be taken lightly, first time landlords need to do a lot of research before taking the leap to avoid problems further down the line.

“As the rental sector continues to grow at record pace more and more new landlords are coming into the market place many with little idea of the legal aspects of renting out a property, often moving tenants in that haven’t been background checked using tenancy agreements they have found online and with little idea of what notices to serve if things go wrong. Landlords run the very real risk of ending up thousands of pounds out of pocket”.

If this scenario sounds familiar and you are currently experiencing difficulties with your current tenants or you simply want advice on what and where to buy simply go to the contact page on our website and send us your query at